Sorry, friends.

I have not been keeping up with the meticulous blogging! School just started again today and so begins the life of school, run, eat, sleep.

RUN: 60 Minute Progressive Tempo Run.

Start @ 8:00/mi pace.

End @ 6:00/mi pace. (Built over 1 HR)

Distance: 9 Miles?

Now that school started I’m back into the normal eating routine as well.

B: Oatmeal with Flaxseed and plenty of Cinnamon. Two Eggs. Strawberries.

S: 1 Kashi TLC Honey Almond Flax Bar. Yum!

L: Is always a good ol’ Ham sandwich, this time on Sprouted Wheat. Some baby carrots. A Cameo Apple.

Before my RUN, I had a delicious GIANT Potbelly’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie. Good fuel, I’m tellin’ you guys. (Have you guys seen these things? Probably the size of my hand…soft and moist too!)

Went on the hour+ progressive tempo with the iPod.

Came back and had a Smoothie! (Frozen berries, Whey protein, Cinnamon, Skim Milk, Ice). Then I had some Hot Chocolate made with Milk right afterwards…because I realized I was actually kind of cold from the run.

Haha 🙂 Funny how that works, huh?

SORRY guys if I do not post as often. My semester schedule is overly weighted and school might consume my life. Thanks for commenting though, guys! I love to hear from you!



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11 responses to “Sorry, friends.

  1. bamarunner

    you need to hurry up and graduate and go to college! makes blogging alot easier!

  2. bamarunner

    is it not doing that already?

  3. this better? haha thanks big dawg!

    hows all that running going? you faster than me yet?

  4. hopiek

    ooooh i like the sound of your smoothie! I see one in my future..tomorrow?

    In your oats, do you crack 2 full eggs into the oatmeal? or eat them on a plate on the side?

  5. smoothies are the best best thing ever…invented? 🙂

    they always feel like yet filling and re-energizing!
    and as far as the eggs go; if I’m in a rush i’ll crack them straight into the oatmeal and make it a “one bowl” deal” but usually on the side with a lil’ salt and pepper.

  6. you’ll get there. just remember you have your whole life ahead of you to run. do you want to run in college?

    i think one of the reasons my times are dropping is because i don’t stress about anything. i never had a training plan (except for now with the marathon) and i just went out there to run. i did what felt right and it seemed to work out well. ya know?

  7. nice! i really wish i could run in college, but theres no way i could run here. those guys are pumping out 29 minute 10k’s.

  8. Hmm, that looks like an apple, not strawberries, silly girl! Good luck back at school! No worries about the blog- don’t stress about it, or it’ll take the fun out of it!!! Keep kickin’ butt!

  9. Don’t apologize. You’re doing the best you can. Good luck this semester. Your eats all look yummy. Smoothies always make me cold too – I once tried making a warm whey protein smoothie. Not a good idea! Stick with the hot chocolate.

  10. Giant cookie? YUM! Where do you buy them? I have never heard of them!

  11. dude rain sucks! do you want me to slip and fall!?

    and why is me making sushi so funny?

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