It’s starting to look a lot more like winter!

So there was this strange “Warm” Phase that we just went through and I thought winter was OVER…until today. That’s right, snow storms left and right. I don’t even feel safe leaving my house!

But i did.


TWO A DAY!!!!!! (Another one of my “i feel invincible” days)

AM: 6 Miles @ 7:15/mi pace. Abs & Other Strength Work.

PM: 5.6 Miles @ 7:20/mi pace. Stretching


Okay today during class I made the best discovery in the WORLD. So Kashi sends an e-mail saying that some free goodies are coming in the mail and all that runs through my head for the next few weeks is “free kashi samples. free kashi samples. free kashi samples.” I swear to god, I could LIVE off of that brand…I have not found ONE kashi product that I will not eat.

SO HERE IT CAME, YESTERDAY IN THE MAIL. (a little too excited)

A blackberry graham SOFT-BAKED bar. I always see these in the grocery store but have never picked them up. WOW. Can you say tasty??

Of course, Kashi sends me great coupons to go along with (which I may be using and sharing VERY soon…)

And an “ingredient decoder”.

Pocket sized…perfect!

I’d say this bar has the soft texture of a Nutrigrain bar, and overall taste of one too. It is much sweeter than other Kashi products that I have tasted before, but the nutrition and ingredient profile still are just as impressive. What I especially liked is that they did not skimp on the “fruit filling” at all. There is a layer that runs through the entire width of the bar. This flavor is very good! If you are looking to a healthier alternative to Nutrigrains, this is your route to go. They also come in Apple & Strawberry flavors too.

What a perfect mid-morning pick-me-up that’s light yet filling!

This is my second Kashi sample that I’ve received in the mail. I first actually got a tote bag from them, then a VIVE sample (keeps the digestion regular.), and now this. Super!



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5 responses to “It’s starting to look a lot more like winter!

  1. i love kashi! i think my favorite product is heart to heart. that stuff is seriously crack in a box.

    nice on the two a day (with a wicked pace i should add)!

  2. I’m so jealous! I love Kashi products.

  3. kashi products are my weakness! I bought a box of those bars, and they were gone fast! i loved them. I need to figure out how to get some freebies 🙂

  4. Woo-hoo. Love freebies and Kashi. Thanks for the review as I haven’t tried those bars. I’m obsessed with the Kashi Crunchy bars. Choco-peanut is my favorite. Glad you got in not 1, but 2 good runs! Be careful in the snow storm.

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