TWO announcements!

OKAY. I could not wait another day after this wonderful happening occured so right away I came home and am posting this up right now.

RUN: 9 miles with hill intervals. (2 miles in-between @ 7:00 pace, rest was averaging 7:45 pace)

EAT: I have seen this recipe float around…you know, here and there. I’ve been looking for something like it and realized that it’s basically some type of no-bake protein bar that tastes like an oatmeal cookie! Delicious???

So after my run I fueled up with THIS.

I made it to be Pumpkin Chocolate – So it was 1/3 Scoop of Rolled Oats (Uncooked), 1 tsp. ground flaxseed, 1/2 Scoop Chocolate Whey, 1 Spoonful of Canned Pumpkin, 1 T. Smart Balance CHUNKY peanut butter, 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon. Since this was a little dry, I kept adding skim milk until just wet enough to mix together but NO wetter. Then I wrapped it in foil, flattened it a little to more of the “Clif Bar” shape, and threw it in the freezer overnight.

It’s DELICIOUS! And so portable! I needed something I could carry and eat away from the house right after my run and I think I’ve found it. Next time, I will increase the proportions a little. But, this little oatmeal bar (oats softened with the liquids by absorbing moisture in the fridge) and a banana right after the hill workout…priceless. 🙂

PS: Variations are like adding chocolate chips, almonds, walnuts, raisins, etc. etc…(think clif bar flavors?)



I GOT NEWTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Known for being a pricey shoe…

They are so well worth it…fits like a glove on my feet. Since I’m a natural forefoot runner, this is such a good thing for me. At least they come with some instructional pamphlets and CD’s…

So I may seem a little rushed today but I can’t wait to try these guys out! I will be posting updates soon on them to tell you how they feel! Experiences, anyone?



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10 responses to “TWO announcements!

  1. hopiek

    yay newtons, cool! and oat cookies…LOVE!

  2. damn those are pricey shoes! i thought my brooks trance were expensive and they are 140!

    that “clif bar” looks awesome. i am gonna make one tonight for after my run tomorrow 🙂

  3. wow amazing shoes 🙂 glad your bar turned out well! i’m going to have to start experimenting with that and make some of my own too!

  4. seeleelive

    make a breakfast cookie!! they are so good!

  5. i really only use my endurox after really hard runs. i’m sure i’ll be using it after my long runs on sundays. those killer 20 milers….

  6. YaY- Congrats on a great run, great snack & great new shoes! Matt, the Great! No experience with these kicks… but as far as “bars” go, you could make a “LARABAR” in a blender/food processor, just as easily, too! Add some nuts for protein and WHAM!

  7. Ahh, yes…Gina’s (Fitnessista) famous Breakfast Cookie. I tried it once, but added too much pumpkin. I need to try again as everyone loves them.

    How exciting…new shoes!!! Can’t wait to hear how you like them.

  8. runjess

    People who run as fast and as much as you need expensive shoes. Enjoy!

  9. I had to laugh…your shoes have instructions!!! Exciting stuff though, perfect shoes are a must! 😀

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