Time to let go.

When your shoes start looking like….

this. And…


It’s a pretty good hint that it’s time for a new pair of shoes. My Nimbus X’s go a long way back- to the start of the 2008 Cross Country season last fall. They’re my old reliables- and it’s really hard to let them go. I most likely have more than 800 miles in these guys but they have NEVER let me down.

My only complaint, Asics, is that you have added way too much to a good shoe. I went through about 5 pairs of Nimbus 8‘s but will only go through one pair of bulky X’s. Lesson learned: don’t fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with!

Ok some of you may know that I bought the Newton’s a few weeks back. I really like these shoes but to make them last longer, and for the safety of my legs, I needed to buy a new pair of shoes to cycle with the Newton’s every so often. Paroozing (is that even a word?) through a local running store, I saw a few shoes caught my eyes right away:

These fit really well (The Blue Speedstars), but I decided that I needed something with a little more cushioning so I went with…

A pair of very pink Mizuno Wave Rider 12’s. They’re the perfect balance between light weight and cushy..niiiiice. :)!


SO Today’s RECAP:

RUN: 8.5 Miles of a Progressive Tempo (Starting at 8:30/mile pace, increased to 6:30/mile pace).

Progressive tempo’s – Starting out as a warm-up and slowly building your pace. Should never be “out of breath” or anaerobic during any of it. Sore.

EAT: I ran out of Whey Protein for after my run…So i had to use some of my two-year-old-haven’t-touched-in-forever Chocolate Endurox in my post-run smoothie. Shortly afterwards, I had a REAL breakfast.

Deja vu? Well i’m in a rut.



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11 responses to “Time to let go.

  1. runjess

    I agree–Asics, stop updating perfectly good shoes!

  2. i’ve never even worn asics!

    i made an oatmeal pancake last night for a snack. i used your recipe and it was amazing!

  3. I agree with you. I’ve loved Asics for 10 years, but I used to love them more.

  4. i like it chewy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. love the new shoes!! they are perddyyy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. love the new shoes!! they are perddyyy ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. …doesn’t “look” like a rut!! Some good shoe-choices there girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep running, in whatever you can!

  8. Hey, if you’re going to be in a breakfast rut, pancakes are definitely the way to go.

    Great tempo run!

    I have the some complaint to Asics. I wore their running shoes for years…my favorite running shoe ever. They changed it, and the new ones caused knee pain. That’s when I made the switch to Mizuno’s as well. Now, I’m running in Adidas, but my old Asics will always be the best!

  9. fancy new shoes — i love them (and you’re right — paroozing is a word!! except it’s perusing ;-))

    i want one of your pancakes right now!

  10. Aghh me & Asics have a difficult relationship. I love LOVE the 2110 model but do you think they could keep em going? Nooooo….they had to ‘upgrade’ them to the 2120 & then 2130s which just. are. not. as. good! I also had nimbus 8s that I loved & now cant get & I have a gripe about the shoelaces being too long or too short! Ok, rant over. That being said….let me know how u get on with the mizunos. Despite all I have to complain about with Asics I do loooove them & I feel like a traitor if I switch makes! x

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