PLEASE tell me you guys watched the inauguration!!!!!

Because today marked a significant landmark in history.  From the battlefield and bloodshed of the Civil War- a war fought over bitter and lost causes in slavery- we have inaugurated an African American president into office.  He took the oath just this afternoon- yes, a president who promises change, who promises a better nation, who promises strength to his nation.

Even if you don’t support Obama, didn’t vote for him, or whatever, I think the nation needs to become more unified as a whole.  We need to look towards the future in optimism, not bitter hatred and indifference.  Whether we like it or not, Barack will be the 44th president of the United States and he has a difficult job just ahead of him.

RUN: 8.02 miles,  22 degrees (feels like 10 degrees).  7:30/mi pace, 4×100 strides (= 1 hour run)


EAT: …So, while everyone else in the Blog world is raving about these white chocolate macadamia nut clif bars, I have another mini-rave…

You can buy these bad boys at Sam’s Club.  If you’re into the nut-crunches. WOW, these are addicting.



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9 responses to “Obama-rama!

  1. i don’t doubt that Obama will be a vast improvement for the U.S. and the rest of the world

  2. i watched it on cnn! i voted for him, so i was happy. at least it will be in improvement from what we had right? i mean, even i would be an improvement from what we had.

    i need to go to sams! i was just there on the weekend too!

  3. great job with the freeeeezing long run!
    i did NOT get to watch the inauguration (tear). i was out on visits all day for work, but i’m hoping i can find it online and catch up tonight!

  4. I think I will try the mizunos for my next shoe buy (hopefully pink 😉 ) ….seeing as another loyal Asics fan approves….Somehow I think I will still feel like a traitor though! heehee

  5. runjess

    I have Mizuno’s in the mail. Hope I love them too.
    I had to watch the inauguration late on my DVR, but at least I saw it!

  6. i tried some mizuno’s on today and i really liked them… haha. i might have a new pair of shoes by this weekend…

  7. …who is that man in the picture, that’s always in the news nowadays?!
    anyway. worth RAVIN’ about, huh?! yeah! I haven’t tried that Clif either… can’t find it!

  8. Love those clusters! Our local drug store carries them in little single serve bags too.

  9. Hey! Thanks for your comments – you really are soooo sweet & your sense & understanding really helps me try keep things in perspective.
    As for the clif- the cherry was good. I am a huge cherry flavoured fan of anything though so that could be a biased opinion! Im not sure but to me the clifs I had all tasted like clif ‘ with a hint of ‘ if you get me? Like the cherry flavour was good but not cherry enough lol. Def worth a try though 😀 and next time I MUST try the micro method! Cheers! x

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