Sunny and Cold. Brr.

Sooo. Today was long run day and I was like “hmm, I wonder what the temperature is outside.  It’s been pretty nice for the past few days!”.

I walk outside.  completely CHILLED.  I go to check…4 degrees, feels like -12!  No shocker there, Chicago weather can get like that.

ANYHOW.  Since I was not planning on doing 12 miles on the treadmill…at ALL, i bundled up (and by bundled up, i mean bundled) and braved the weather! At least there was some sun 🙂

And I have no regrets whatsoever.  It was beautiful, the sidewalks were clear, and it was the most perfectly crisp morning I’ve ever felt in the winter season.  Lesson learned: when you begin to doubt your capabilities, or second guess whether you want to go outside to run, just realize that it’s mostly mental.  The freedom you find in the outdoors is unmatched and completely priceless.

RUN: 12 miles @ sub-8 pace (depended on the terrain and footing), 4×100 strides at the end.

EAT: Okay guys, remember that lil’ old Jamba Juice $1 Steel Cut Oatmeal Coupon I was raving about the other day?   Yeah well funny thing.  I was carrying around that danged piece of paper in my pocket during the entire run and I finished my run, ending at Jamba.  I reach into my pocket and…uh oh. where’d that freaking coupon go???  It must have fallen out of my pocket sometime after I hit the hour mark because I noticed that my pocket looked a little less chunky but i thought the paper just flattened out.  Nope.  It was long gone.  So instead of walking into Jamba for a steaming, beautiful cup of steel-cut oatmeal, I decided to go to Starbuck’s right next door instead and get a warm drink.   

Aaaand. I got the Vanilla Latte.  I also asked for a protein shot in it because of my beaten up legs. 😉

While everyone was chatting away in Starbuck’s, in comes Christina after a run looking like a complete mess. Haha!  The guy behind the counter gave me the funniest look! They always ask you something like “went out on the run? isn’t it freezing out?”  Yeah, but freezing is no excuse not to get out there and just do it.

I loved the cute little Inauguration themed holder!  ‘Tis a good day to be an American!

I was enjoying my Vanilla Latte, and turned the cup around to read this:

I absolutely love that quote.  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” , because there’s so much truth in that statement.  Fear limits our capabilities as people; it compromises who we are today because we are always living in this constant state of fear.  We are afraid of change, afraid of failure, afraid of rejection…there are so many things we are afraid of…shouldn’t we be afraid of just being afraid, too?  If we go into each day acting as if we were invincible human beings, completely confidant in each step forward, wouldn’t you be a completely different person?  Would you be somewhere else in life right now?  Would you be doing something else…somewhere else?

$4 Got me this cup of Starbuck’s, but what I got out of this little coffee holder was much more.  I thought about my run, how I began to doubt myself beforehand.  Why is it that we always doubt ourselves at the most opportunistic of moments? 

Just some food for thought on a Saturday morning.  Have a great weekend, guys!



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8 responses to “Sunny and Cold. Brr.

  1. nice run big dawg! your gonna be whooping my tail soon!

  2. awesome run! great job overcoming the mental obstacles. i’m so sad about your coupon :-(.

  3. awesome quote! and awesome run girl 🙂 you really inspire me to get better with my running! i love hearing all about your runs!

  4. 12 miles in 4 degree weather. I would have been fearing some major frostbite. Man, that’s cold! I’m glad you went with the latte Espresso, steamed milk, vanilla, and some very wise words? Sounds like the right choice to me!

  5. wow…freakiness, I have been saying that exact quote to myself all weekend! Nice run girl 😀

  6. Go YOU!!!! Love the American inspiration 🙂 Have a great week & hope Chi-town warms up for ya!

  7. runjess

    Good for you for not letting weather be an excuse.

  8. Matt wants an update!

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