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Ringin’ into ’09, what are your new year resolutions?  I have a  few I can think of right off the top of my head…

1) Continue getting stronger, faster, better.

2) Fuel my body properly

3) Balance academics and athletics

4) Spend more time with the family

5) Get Organized

…Among many others.

Anyways, this past day has been crazy.  This morning,


Was with a bunch of good friends.  We went a very conversational pace for around 7 miles and called it a day.  What a great way to catch up, huh?


Ohh man do I have a lot for you guys today.

After the run, I had a good ol’ cup of Hot Chocolate made with Skim.

Then I had a High Fiber Whole Wheat Tortilla with SB PEANUT BUTTER and bananas, warmed in the Microwave. (Yummm)

Went out shopping a little for New Year’s Eve clothes.  Ended up spending around $42 for a top and something to go over it.  Came home at around 2-ish to make lunch which was, in all honesty, the same thing I’ve been having for the past three days which is a Ham & Swiss on Rye.  (No point in taking a picture of that!)

Throughout the afternoon I snacked on Baby carrots with homemade hummus,

And some mixed nuts,

Another cup of Hot Chocolate, and a large Red Delicious Apple!  This was all during my BAKING BONANZA.  Made three different types of cookies, as you can see…

1) Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

2) Chewy coconut cookies dipped in Semi-sweet Chocolate

3) Chocolate Frosted Sugar cookies with Crushed candy cane

DINNER was this:

A Tuna melt on Rye, along with my own vegetable stir-fry!  A few handfuls of dry Kashi Heart-to-heart came soon after.

After this, danced it up a little at a New Year’s eve party:  There I snacked on some almonds, M&M’s and sipped on some good ol’ H2O.

When I got home, tired and kind of hungry, there was chocolate chip cheesecake, and ice cream pretty much calling out to me.

So I thought- Heck, why not! It’s New Year’s Eve!  So watching the Big Apple Drop, I had another warm PB-Banana Tortilla, had some 2% Cottage Cheese with more SB Peanut Butter, and had a large slice of Chocolate Chip cheesecake along with a big ol’ scoop of Butter Pecan Ice Cream!  “Stop eating sweets” isn’t one of my New Year’s resolutions now, is it? 😉
PICTURES of the Chocolate Chip cheesecake in all of its glory are to come!


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Hello, WordPress :)

First post on WordPress! (Bama aka Matt convinced me so I’m thinking, why not! Let’s see how long this lasts…)

So a little about me in as short of a paragraph as I can make it:

My name’s Christina. I never got serious about running until last year via Cross Country and have now participated in a few road races since, have ran in the State meet, and PR’d there as well. I run on a Varsity high school team for the third fastest team in the state. My enjoyments in life mainly come from this, and good food! This being said, I have healthier tastes, but do not mind the occasional sweets; what’s life without a little bit of ice cream, right? So that’s pretty much what my blog will be about- food, and running, and a healthy balance & perspective on the two.

So for today,

RUN: Easy day today after the intervals yesterday. Legs still sore from that workout.

Distance: 7.1 Miles

Total Time: 50:49

Pace: 7:10

The weather was nice but RIDICULOUSLY windy. Everything felt up-hill! And I think it’s supposed to snow storm later today. 😦


After my run I stretched out a little and had my typical Protein Shake with Frozen Fruit (today’s choice of fruit was a handful of frozen mixed berries)
blog post photo

Then I had some Flax toast with Smart Balance Peanut Butter and a dash of cinnamon… (Warm toast is the BEST.)

PS: I have a really bad addiction to SB Peanut Butter.  I could go through a jar in a few days. Tops.

Lunch was this:

blog post photo

A ham and Swiss melt on 100% whole grain rye bread with caraway seeds, baby carrots, and an addition of a Red Delicious apple on the side.

And here are the rest of the goods for the week!

blog post photo


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